Running Out of Daylight

Candlelight Records | 2011

Another three years in the making, Running Out of Daylight see the addition of a new guitarist – Samu Rahn – and the first appearance of real strings on our music, courtesy of violinist/violist Chuck Bontrager and cellist Petar Kecenovici. It also features both our longest and shortest songs ever, and the entire album is wrapped in our best production and biggest mix to date, courtesy of Jay Walsh at Farview Recording. Released July 18th in Europe and July 26th in North America by Candlelight Records.


Remnant 6:28 Lyrics Full Song!
Perseverance 8:43 Lyrics Sample
From Misery to Blood-Drenched Fields 9:28 Lyrics Sample
When the Walls Go Up 3:05 Lyrics Sample
Bitterness 9:02 Lyrics Sample
Glacial Movements 6:49 Lyrics Sample
~ intermissione ~ 1:00
Running Out of Daylight 16:43 Lyrics Sample
Total Time: 60:13

The Living Fields

Harvester Records | 2007

Three years in the making, The Living Fields expands the ideas heard on The Miseries Never Cease musically, vocally and lyrically. Held together by Chad Walls' powerhouse drumming, The Living Fields roars across seven tracks of epic, intricate metal topped with insane vocals and surrounded by piano, timpani and string quartet accompaniment.


What is Left Behind 10:19 Lyrics Full song!
Burial at Sky 5:48 Lyrics
This Great Majority 4:16 Lyrics
Monument 4:32 Lyrics Full song!
Feast for the Earth 4:47 Lyrics Full song!
The Soil Giveth 7:19 Lyrics
The Overview Effect 10:23 Lyrics
Total Time: 47:24

The Miseries Never Cease

Demo | 2004

Released in summer 2004, The Miseries Never Cease showcases The Living Fields' signature combination of beauty and suffering with epic compositions, string quartet accompaniments and crystal clear sound.


A Leveling Spirit 5:36 Lyrics Full song!
The Miseries Never Cease 7:00 Lyrics Full song!
Dim Prospects 3:32 Lyrics Full song!
Empires Fall 6:05 Lyrics Full song!
Total Time: 22:17